Silver Jubilee

As the grand event was drawing near, St. Anthony’s started planning for the Silver Jubilee. The year 2014 was the year of celebrations as St. Anthony’s Faisal Town was now in its 25th year. The preparations took more than three months of planning and practice. It was the prime event of the school going to be held in model town ground. Students worked tirelessly preparing for the Jubilee.

Along with these arrangements, a particular song for the Jubilee celebration day was composed by a school teacher’s mother, and a student sang the Jubilee song. Everyone was enthusiastic about the Jubilee. A badge was also created for Jubilee day. More than a thousand people participated in the Jubilee celebrations, and all the students of St. Anthony High School played their part in the event’s success. The Archbishop of Lahore, Bishop Lawrence Saldana, was the chief guest.


The festivity and the school’s success inspired the staff and faculty at St. Anthony’s as they had been part of St. Anthony’s for many years and loved the school. It was a celebration of St. Anthony’s achievements and a time to be grateful for. The whole year of Jubilee was a year of celebrations.