Aims and Objectives

  1. ANTHONIAN education recognizes the dignity of a human being and the potential of each individual, which only bloom when fully nurtured by genuine religion and sound education.
  2. This school firmly believes in the inalienable right of every human person to education, which fits a person for a productive life in a society based on religious values.
  3. ANTHONIAN education takes in the whole aggregate of a person’s human life: physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral, and individual beliefs.
  4. This school strives to help meet the demands of our global/national goals and aspirations through a curriculum geared towards the world’s current needs and social justice. It aims to aid and guide students who are determined to harness their higher studies and professional preparation in view of universal progress.
  5. Education that school provides will help the individuals adjust to the community and enhance the range and quality of their participation in the essential functions of society.
  6. Acting on the school’s motto “Scientia cum Virtue,” a true ANTHONIAN should be able to discover God’s intentions for him/her and actively respond according to the gifts of nature and grace.
  7. Acquiring a broad and well-balanced general education that can provide with concrete skills and discipline, enabling to know and understand oneself and the world around him/her.
  8. Being trained in the art of creative and critical thinking and active leadership, adjusting to daily situations, and thus growing in responsibility and self-direction.
  9. Being aware and appreciative of one’s culture and tradition, so the person may effectively contribute to the progress and the growth of a genuinely dynamic Pakistan, its identity and vibrant national goals.
  10. Recognizing the dignity of labor and willingly cooperate in any worthwhile assignment, born of his/her knowledge and sense of service.
  11. Creating an atmosphere of love and understanding in the school campus through effective communication so that school and family may blossom into a community of responsible and happy citizens.
  12. Nursing noble ideals of respect for self and others thus grow into selfless and responsive agents of change required to uplift the quality of human life.
  13. Hence, St. Anthony’s High School aims not merely to give instruction to enable its pupils to pass the examination but to impart a well-rounded education and character formation based upon sound moral principles. Thus, it aims a growth in aggregate total of person’s human life, its physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral and individual belief.
  14. The teachers see their roles more as a vocation than a job and work with strong faith and ardent zeal for the good of their school community, giving their time, energy, and talents generously.